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Blending Tank
50L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer with PLC control system&50L Vakuum Emulgiermaschine

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PLC Control Atuomatic vacuum emulsifier is professionally designed according to the ointment manufacturing process of cosmetics and ointments etc. products through introducing advanced technology from abroad. The machine unit is composed of pre-treating boiler, vacuum emulsifying and blending boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, dumping system, electric control system and work platform etc. The machine unit is featured by simple operation, stable performance, good homogenizing performance, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, small land area and high automatic degree etc.
The Vacuum Emulsifier is suitable for production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants. The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content.

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This series machine mixer adopt two speed on one shaft. Hydraulic System,homogenizer speed:
0—3500 r/min (speed controlled),stirring speed:0—63 r/min(speed controlled).Vacuum suck
material. all the process under vacuum state.CIP system is provided, all contact material parts adopt SUS316L,lnner jacket polishing reach 300EMSH (sanitation grade)vacuum Dump adopt German Nash-elmo (former Siemens)technology.Meet GMP requirement.

50L vacuum mixer.jpg

The PLC control board compared with the button control system can be durable for more than 15years unless the water is splashed into the operation system due to misoperation (if anything this probabilty is so low as to approach zero) .what is more this PLC control board cannot be converted back to the button control.For more information about our vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machines, plz feel free to contact us online by or go directly browse our website