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Packaging machinery
YX-6030D Fully auto four sides sealing&shrinking machine,sealing cutting shrinkage packing machinery

Automatic four sides sealing and shrinking machine

sealer only L type.jpg

Automatic double side sealing and shrinking machine intergrate the world's high speed sealing technolog.Design for big and heavy installed at the top and the bottom.When the products move forward,four sides can be sealed by the sealer.This machine includes straight feed-in and upright feed-in function.According to different sizes of products,machine can be adjusted by t he PLC automatically.Waste film collecting system makes the enviroment tidy and clear.2 fans motor ensure the air flow equuality grouped products can be sealed automatically and perfuectly.Closed such packing can provide your product a water proof and light proof.Sealing line and sealing effect is perfect.product height and lengyh is unlimited.
It functions as below:


Double side sealing Suitable for heavy and big products
sealing height is adjustable based on products size Packing height and length is unlimited

Adoptys imported parts Suitable for POF,PE film.
Main technical parameters Power supply 3Phas,220V/380V,50/60Hz 
Tunnel size L1500*W650*H400 Power 26kw air compressing 6kg/cm3

Packing size L1500*W650*H330mm max current 35A cutter size 1000mm Weight 900KG 


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