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Packaging machinery
ultrasonic filling machine automatic ultrasound powder granules filler bag packaging machinery VFFS

Automatitc vertical ultrasonic filling machine Hi-tech ultrasound granules powder filler bag packaging machinery VFFS packing

ultrasonic  non woven filler sealer.jpg

1) The machine adopts ultrasonic for seal,low temperature only for secends during the packing process,will not influence over the heat sensitivity materials,
2) Two-step rollers for four-side sealing,and the films run continuously,fast,stable in function,firm sealing,and with the bags coming out smooth and fine,high packing efficiency.
3) An imported PLC and LCD-touch screen are adopted to carry out man-machine conversation through menu, to make it more easier and exact to operate.
4) It adopts electricity photo control system,count automatically,and to ensure track color mark on both sides of printed pouch exactly and automatically.
5) The imported transducer does non polar speed adjusting, futher more,it is easy to operate,and has credible performanc.
6) It adopts step motor drive,the pouch length can be adjusted on the touch-sensitive screen directly,and longitudinal & transverse seal can be tracked automatically at the same step.This kind of packing machine saves more materials and time than the machine transmission which has to be adjusted by hand.
7) Applicable to a wide range of use.The user shall choose the flat cutting or fracture line cutting,and match with ink coding machine,also shall according to different material choose different feeding system.
It is suitable for packing nobbly materials that maybe metamorphose influenced by the temperature in the fields of pharmacy,food,chemicals industries.
Main Technological Parameter of ultrasonic filling machine automatic ultrasound liquid filler bag packaging machinery VFFS packing

sealing non woven ultrasonic.jpg

Model   YX-60U
Capacity    10bags/min
Filling volume: less than 200g
Bag size£¨L)40-2000mm   (W£©40-130mm
Sealing type    three side/back seal
Power    1.2KW
Voltage    380V/50HZ    220V/50-60HZ
Packing material: non-woven
Net weigh    250kg
Overall Dimension    £¨L)800*(W£©950*£¨H£©1800mm
Package Size   1400*1000*1700mm


Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery like ultrasonic filling machine automatic ultrasound powder granules iller bag packaging machinery VFFS packing ,please email via or browse our website
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