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Blending Tank
The working principle of Vacuum Hydraulic Diaphragm Pumps from Vacuum emulsifying machine

The animation for working principle of Vacuum Diaphragm Pumps from Vacuum emulsifying machine is especially editted in 3d after effect in order to offer a clear
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For dry, oil-free applications in the rough and medium-high vacuum range
PENGLAI diaphragm pumps are used world-wide in production, research and science
as well as in industry, laboratory and education. As an economically and  ecologically superior alternative to water operated vacuum pumps the ILMVAC
diaphragm pump range always offers a versatile, practical solution for many  diverse applications between atmosphere and 1 mbar
PENGLAI diaphragm pumps are available
- with different materials for chemical or physical processes
- regulated or unregulated vacuum
- pumping speeds from 300 l/h up to 16 m3/h
- final pressures from 75 down to below 1 mbar

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PENGLAI diaphragm pumps can be used in a wide range of applications. With
components and materials selected for optimal practical employment in
laboratory and industry. Also used as regeneration pumps in combination
pumping systems (chemvac), they fulfill their tasks due to outstanding
chemical resistance and stable vacuum parameters. All ILMVAC diaphragm pumps
are compactly and functionally designed. Maintenance and service work is fast
and easy. ILMVAC diaphragm pumps guarantee outstanding operation and a long
life span. They work extremely quietly and contamination of process gases with
oil cannot arise. ILMVAC diaphragm pumps are manufactured and tested in
accordance with DN 28 432.ecoflex diaphragm pumps are equipped with a state of the art vacuum control by
controlling the pumping speed of the pumps. The vacuum is exactly adjusted to
the needs. The vacuum processes run more effective and reproducible. The additional pressure reduction allows the distillation of gas mixtures almost
automatically and without fractionated operation. The operation costs can be reduced by 80%. ecoflex diaphragm pumps guarantee a positive economical and
ecological balance. Chemically resistant ecoflex diaphragm pumps (MPC) are resistant to aggressive
solvents and acidic vapors. The diaphragms and gas contacting parts consist of  PTFE and PTFE Compounds. The pumping and connection heads are carbon fiber  reinforced with electrical derivation ability to prevent an electrostatic


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