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filling machine
conical bottles liquid perfume filling machine 12 heads supporting bottom moulds rotary riller screw capper machine

rotary overflow filling machine, applicable to pharmaceutical,food, agriculture and othe industries of the easily-bubble from the liquid filling, the same as the liquid filling without bubble. This can be single used, also can be linked with other equipments, the best anti-foaming filling machine currently in domestic.

rotary filling capping machine.jpg

1 The implementation of pump filling, overflow fillers to absorb foam & eliminate foam overflow & dripping.
2 Adopt low liquid hopper,convenient to clean disinfection.
3 Neck index clamp device, accurate positioning bottle mouth befora nozzles go into the bottles.
4 Convenient to adjust volume, easy to operate, change different bottle in a short time.
5 Machine designed and manufactured accordance to GMP regulation.
Main Technical Parameter of 12 heads linear filling machine with supporting mould:

overflow filling machine pictures (4).jpg

1 Option filling range: 50-5000ml
2 Filling head: 12,18,24,32
3 Filling precision:≤±2%
4 Hequest air pressure: ≤0.6-0.7Mpa
5 Air consumption: 15m3-40m3/h
6 Power: 220/380V 50Hz
7 Power output: ≤2Kw
8 Machine noise: ≤50dB
9 Net Weight: ≤1000kg
Production capacity:
12 heads: ≥80bpm
18 heads:≥120bpm
24 heads:≥160bpm
32 heads:≥200bpm

full automatic paste production line.png

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