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Labeling machine
conical bottle labeling machine automatic custom labeller benutzerdefinierte Etikettiermaschine

conical bottle label machine is our upgraded product, with high adaptability. It can label one side, two sides, three sides and four sides of square bottle,round bottle with single label, (such as, health care products, shampoo, shower gel, oil, lubricants, cleaning agents articles, eye drops bottles), It is widely used and can label conical flask.

conical bottle label machine Characteristic
The whole machine adopts a mature technology PLC control system, so that the operation of the machine is stable and high speed
The operating system adopts touch-screen control, so that the operating is simple and convenient, practical and efficient
Upgraded dished label station design, can label conical bottle


Screw adjustment suppressing mechanism, the movement is accurate
Synchronization chain mechanism to ensure smooth and precise calibration
Labeling transparent label without bubble, labeling adhesive sticker does not wrinkle
Widely used, multipurpose with one machine and strong adaptability
conical bottle label machine Advantage
The machine has advanced functions, simple operation and compact structure. Adopt American imported PLC control,24-color true color Taiwan Delta touch-screen software operation,Korea photo electricity testing organization, combining with imported servo system perfectly, labeling accurately and stably. The speed of Conveyor belt, righting belt, ordering bottles belt are controlled variably. It has the function of no objects no labeling, automatic alarming without labeling.
customized taper bottle label machine Technical Parameters:

electronics for labeling machinery.jpg

Model YX-630A
Labeling capacity(pcs/min)  40-150 pcs/min
Labeling accuracy(mm)  ±1.0mm
Label size  (L)20-280mm   (H)30-140mm
Material size  Φ40-Φ100mm   (H)40-300mm
Roll inside(mm)  Φ76mm
Roll outside diameter(mm)  Φ350mm
Machine size (mm)  (L)2000*(W)850*(H)1450(mm)
Power supply   AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W

tapered bottles.jpg

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