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Labeling machine
corner labeling machinery boxes bottle carton labeller equipment automatic coin machine d'¨¦tiquetage

Computer touch screen labeling machine, configure the ultra-large-scale integrated circuit. Microcomputer configuration, can use the touch screen to facilitate the completion of the various data input ,and also make the full control of labeling machine when device start up. Can make adjustment of labeling speed depends on the bottle and label sizes.

labeller machinery fully automatic.jpg

Basic parameter of model YX-610AA corner labeling machinery boxes bottles carton labeller equipment automatic coin machine d'étiquetage:
Driving mode   Servo Motor
Yield (pcs / min)  20-120
Operating Direction   Left or right
Conveyor speed (m / min)  less than 35
Label roll inner diameter (mm)  76mm
Label roll outer diameter (mm)  350mm (max)
Label Specification  adhesive sticker
The application of carton 30-300mm
Labeling accuracy  ±1.0mm
Weight (kg)  260
Total motor power (w)  1000W
Voltage   AC 220V
Size appearance (mm) 2200 (L) 1400 (W) 1500(H) mm

Labeling machine fully automatic.jpg

Main Feature of labeling machine automatic corner labeller equipment model YX-610AA

1.The man_machine interface system is advanced and compatible, easy operation, complete functions, 

has a wealth of online help function

2.The machine has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, 

onvenient operation and maintenance

3.The well-known brand of motor drive, the feeding speed stable, reliable

4.The general shape of the correction mechanism, the diameter of the material without any 

replacement parts, rapid positioning adjustment   

5.Special pressing device, ensure that the labeling kit stability, greatly improve the labeling accuracy, 

especially suitable for small and light box

6.Automatic optical inspection, have nothing item without labeling, and without label 

automatic correction or alarm and automatic detection function, prevent leakage and waste

labeller equipment labels plate.jpg

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