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filling capping labeling
12ml E-liquid eye drops liquid cosmetic perfume filling capping sleeve shrink labeling machines

The line about pharmaceutical bottles filling capping labeling line with 5 vibrator bowls from 5 -100ml tubes is design and manufactured for our customers in Jordan,who will test the machine in our factory within these two week. Today we test the machine which run very well so now lists the machine for a reference one by one as below:


YX-10G Small dose filling and capping labeling machine
Technical parameter£º
Bottle specification£º5ml and 10ml£¨more larger volume can be order£©
Power£º220V-50Hz/ 1.2KW
Overall dimension: 2500×850×1600£¨mm£©  weight: 600KG
Production capacity:
4 filling nozzle&2 capping head: 1200-1800bpm
Filling error: ≤±1% (Standard quantity )
Yield of capping-rotating: ≥99%


1. The machine is used for Mitsubishi frequency motor control , easy      to operate ,stable and reliable operation
2 The machine is suitable for various specifications of bottles .
3. Regulation bound is wide; it can be foundation the cover the pathway magnitude and bottom level, adjustable screw machines in the framework of any regulation
4. Frequency capping round speed motor control, conveyor belt clip bottle. Electronic governor motor control shelters, and conveyor belt speed of pitch, use screw-cap regulation may be the best point.
5. Screw-cap, the cap will not skid, broken bottles of body will not nap, compared with claw-type screw machine, the work efficiency many times.
6.Adopt stainless pump in common use, or ceramic pump in special use to fill high precision, large range of adjusting dosage.
7. Ceramic pump installation system does not adsorption drug Chemical stability is good. Resistance high temperature, corrosion and wear
8 .Low level liquid tank, it is convenient to clean.
9. Filling system has the function of shrinking, no drop leak. Apply filling all kinds of viscosity of liquid. Filling nozzle is diving bottle to the machine, Economical and low space possessing.
10. Magnetic moment capping system, adjust, agree of tightness freely
11£®The whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

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about the shrink sleeve labeling machine browse the channat at for more data .
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