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Sealing machine
electric tray sealing machine box sealer equipment VACUUM sealing for food container small tray sealing machinery

electric tray sealing machine box sealer equipment VACUUM sealing for food container مربع ختم الآلة Rolls the film automatically, easy operation by hand,100 thousand cup life design. 95mm diameter cup .Cup sealing machine, sealer

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II How to use popular sale small vacuum tray sealing machine
push the cup holder into the machine manually, then it will complete film sealing and push sealed cup out automatically.
Features of the juice cup&box  sealing machine :
1.Suitable for beverage of pearl milk tea, bubble black tea, fruit, soybean milk, soup of lunch box, cup water etc.
2.Suitable for various container of EPS,PS,PP etc.
3.good appearance
4.Stainless steel & aluminum machine body.
5.Sealing film can be printed AD
6.The juice milk cup sealing machine is small bulk and light weight.

III popular sale small vacuum tray sealing machine Technical parameters :

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Model  Power Capacity  Diameter of the cup Dimension Weight
YX-S1000 (Automatic) 0.35 kw/220v 400-600 cups/h 75&95 mm 360*305*555 mm 24 kg
IV popular sale small vacuum tray sealing machine Features
- Small size, light weight, simple operation, prompt packing.
- Complete sealing without leakage, protecting freshness for carrying outside.
- Cheap Price, saving labor and time.
- 200~1000cc sealing with one time finish without adjustment.
- Safety fence protection, delicate design.
- Automatically detecting the fixation of the paper roll.
- Can seal paper cups or plastic cups.
Cup sealing machine most newly design product.
Products with highest performance-price ratio.
With the designed lifespan of 100,000 cups,after120,000 cups' sealing,the quality is still good.
1.Elegant shape
The appearance is very attractive, it can catch people's eyes at the first sight, we have stars, colorful lights on the control panel. When press the button, the heat light shinning, when the temperature arrives to 170°C, the temp light is shinning, then you can seal cup by the machine. Our main color is yellow
2.Good materials
We use the best materials of every part of the cup sealing machine, including high quality stainless steel, cast aluminum, A3 carbon steel. What's more, the thickness of the machine body is 2mm, others are only 1.75mm, so our products are more durable.
3.High efficiency
Whatever the manual ones or the automatic ones, are easy to operate, the min output is 300 cups per hour, and max is 600 cups per hour, and our products are suitable for 75 and 95mm diameter cups

Manual tray box sealer machine fast food container sealing e

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