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filling machine
overflow filling machine automatic liquid detergent foamy solution filler single double lanes cosmetic food pharma industry

The Principle of Overflow Filling Machine is fed through a special pump. A part of material will be back to workbin through the overflow port to ensure a fixed level. The filling liquid level of vessel is decided by the depth of overflow port in vessel. It is easy to adjust filling volume. According to the production requirements can increase the number of filling nozzles especially for daily chemical, food, pharmacy and other industries with low viscosity, high-foam products.

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Automatic Overflow Filling Machine(low viscosity, high-foam products)
Main feature: 
1.For the products with Highly corrosive, the machine can use imported PTFE pump, PTFE hose and sealing materials to avoid Material corrosion problems.
2.The parts which contact with material meet GMP standards. Each time filling,filling nozzle  inserts into the bottle.Meanwhile bottle is sealed to ensure that the liquid does not blister and overflow for the consistency of the liquid level in bottle.
4.Filling head has a suck-back feature and non-drip phenomenon.The bottle which is not in place do not allow the filling to ensure misoperation and keep the working area clean.
5.The machine just has a filling pump which can be equipped with 2-18 filling heads.Production and installed capacity can be adjusted.
Basic parameter of filling machine ملء السائل الجهاز متوجا :

overflow filling machine pictures (5).jpg

No. of filling nozzles: 1-16 heads
Air pressure range: 0.4~0.6MPa
Power supply: 220V±5% 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 0.6kw-2.8kw
Single machine noise: ≤50dB
Net weight: 200-600kg
Overall Dimension(mm): L*W*H=1600×1000×1800mm
Basic data of capping machine with manual caps feeding:

spray pump capping machine.jpg

Supply power  AC220V 50HZ
Power  650W
Size 2000L*650W*1500H[MM]
Net weight 180KG
Air pressure 0.4—0.6MPa
Caps diameter  18mm≤Φ≤150 mm
Bottles height 50-400mm  Width 20-200mm
Speed     30—40PCS/Min
Torsion 4--8kg/cm
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