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filling capping labeling
shampoo production liquid detergent line water purifier blending tank filling equipment labeler

liquid detergent&shampoo production line filling screw capping bottle labeling sealing shrinkage machine
Below is the semi automatic liquid detergent semi automatic production line from water treatment via filling capping to shrinking tunnel packaging designed and manufactured for our customer who opens his new plant and visited our factory to get this project.Detailed information as follow ons by one:

BLENDING tanks in details mixer.jpg

¢ñ.Model £º  YX-W1000 Water treatment system
Stirring speed controlled,speed:0-150rpm advanced homogenizer adopts American ROSS company technology. All contact materials parts adopt imported stainess steel materials and inside jacket polishing reach 300 EMSH(GMP standard; Vacuum suck materials and vacuum dispose of air bubble,THE WHOLE PROCESSING is finished under vacuum condition,no bacillus pollution and product shelf life can be prolonge; Appearance is beautiful and adopts special polishing technology,luster is like mirror and equipment seems more luxury and costly.
Basic parameters of Vacuum mixer 1000L
Model : YX-M1000L
Emulsifier motor:10KW speed 2880rpm
Agitator motor:5.5kw speed 0-63rpm
Outer side dimension:2100*3400*3650mm
Heating way: Electric heating
Limit vacuum -0.08mpa Total power:75Kw
¢ó.YX-F2-1000  2heads filling machine


Specifications of double heads liquid&paste filling machine:
Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz  Power: 20W 
Rated pressure :0.4-0 .6 Mpa
Filling speed :20-35 bottles / min / head 
Filling precision: ¨Q ±  1% 
Filling range : 250-2000ml
Principles and characteristics
1.  The  paste  filling  machine  is  semi-automatic  piston  type developed  by  our  company,  filling  a  series  of  high concentrations of fluids. It is through air cylinder to drive a piston  and  transfer--valve's  Three  Contacts  principle  to extract  and  to  split  out  the  highly  concentrated material, and  by  magnetism-reed  switch  to  control  air  cylinder's travel, then can adjust the filling volume.
2.  This device is simple and reasonable in structure, easy to
understand, with high accuracy.
3.  Pneumatic  part  adopts  Germany  FESTO  and  Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.
4.    Filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted
with high filling accuracy.


5. Filling  head  adopts  anti-drip,  anti-  drawing  and  lifting devices.
¢ô.YX-R Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
1, Easy to operate, economical and practical;
2, Suitable of round bottle labeling;
3, It's composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts;
4, Putting the bottle to orientation part by manual and fix the bottle, and then, pressing the off-on switch, finally, the label will be stacked in the bottle.
Technical Parameter of round bottle labeling machine:


round bottle labeling machine.jpg

Items   YX-50
Power supply  AC220V 50/60Hz
Production capacity  0-50 B/min
Total power  60W
Labeling accuracy   ≥±1
Appearance size  710*290*540mm
Pass rate  ≥99%
Weight  26.5kg
Label size   W12-100mm,L15-110mm
Label roll diameter   Φ75mm
For information please browse our business youtube about the commissioning of anti-corrosive filling machine,
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