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Labeling machine
front back double sided labeling machine automatic liquid detergent bottles two faces labeller equipment

The machine labeling machine for double faces labelling adopts imported PLC control system, or touch switch knob control, elected Japanese Omron (Germany transparent) photoelectric device, variable speed motors, conveyor chain board and imported belt related parts.

drawing of labeling machines.jpg

Host design absorbed import machines’ labeler transmits way, solving the general domestic labeling unstable factors.
The machine is suitable for different bottles, easy adjustment, can be finished in a short time.
The quick printer adopts the motor drive, gas drive. The words in the ribbon are clear and clean.
The whole machine is designed to meet GMP standard.
This machine is suitable for medicine, chemical, food, commodity etc. Labeling for bottle and box of flat, square, circle, elliptic, tapered, single orientation etc.
Basic parameter of double sided labeling machine model YX-650A

double sided labeling machines.jpg

Voltage     220V, 50HZ
Power  2KW
Labeling Speed  20-120bottles/min, 150-200bottle/min
Labeling Accuracy  ±1mm
Printer to use air  5 kg/cm2
Object Size  30-200 mm(H),30-100 mm(W)
Label Size  25-300 mm(L),20-180 mm(W)
Roll Size  76 mm(Inside),380 mm(Outside)
Dimension  3048(L)×1500(W)×1600(H) mm

labeling samples.jpg

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