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Blending Tank
workers operating vacuum cream emulsifying machine in cosmetics factory homogenizing mixer equipment

workers operating vacuum cream emulsifying machine in the cosmetics factory:
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1.Mixing oil and water phases materials in high speed to get perfect emulsion product of good quality.
2. Machine consists of vacuum-resistant vessel with jacket for heating and cooling. Equipped with high speed homogenizer, scraping agitator, vacuum pump, and hydraulic pump for lifting, heating & cooling system.
3.With vacuum pump to take the air bubbles out of mixed product, and extend the time of storage.
4.The mixing shaft and emulsifying head is exchangeable, you can use the proper mixing head according to your products. There are some types for your products.
A. High viscosity type    B. Low viscosity type
C. High shearing type    D. Disperser type
5.Scraping unit is with moveable teflon scrapers to scrape off the materials on the tank wall and the anchor to move the materials to the center area to get better blending and mixing. The teflon scrapers are maintained manually and easily without any tool.
6.Our machines have safety devices, such us vacuum safety valve, jacket safety valve, over-loaded protection of motors, etc.
7.Our vacuum emulsifying equipment equipped with heating & cooling system which simplifies the processing. Within this same equipment, you can do from heating-melting-emulsifying-air bubble reduction(by vacuum)-cooling without changing vessels, it saves lot of labor and time for your production.
8. All contacted parts of equipments are SUS#316,the product homogenized in vacuum and close vessel can be sanitary and high quality. The specification of machine accord with the CGMP standard (CIP/SIP).
9. The measuring of raw materials, the recording of temperature for heating, melting, emulsifying, cooling, and the change of mixing speed, and the vacuum suction can be controlled automatically (PLC control).

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Cosmetic Industry: Cream, Lotion, Lipstick, Shampoo
Pharmaceutical Industry: Ointment, Syrup, Injection
Food Industry: Mayonnaise, Dressing, Jam, Butter, Margarine.
Chemical Industry: Polyester, Synthetic fiber
Paint Industry: Paints, Synthetic resin paint
Others: Color, Wax, Shoe cream, Coating liquid

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