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Cream Paste Pneumatic Filling Machine for different Viscosity Verticale Abfuellmaschine fuer Sahne

The Vertical pneumatic filling machine adopts imported machine parts,piston and cylinder which made of stainless steel and polytetrafluroethylene. Excellent qualitied imported components and perfect mechannical design ensure its leading postion among domestic similar machines.New type horizontal design ,legerity and convenient,take out materila automatically and acoid trouble of frequent putting in material of verical hopper.

inside vertical filling machiens.jpg

Switch function between manual and automatic ,when machine is under automatic condition, machine fills continuously automatically with set speed, when machine is under manual condition, operator steps on footplate to realize filling.if stepping on footboard all the time , it will change to automatic contnuous filling condition.Cylinder and three-way part adopt cuff connetion which is easy to remove,it Anti-leaking filling system, during filling ,cylinder moves up and down and drive end ring.When cylinder is downwards,end ring is downwards, then valve is open and start to fill material,when cylinder is upwards end ring is upwards,then valve is close and stop to fill material and avoid leaking and wire drawing .

different filling volume vertical filling machines.jpg

Model YX-V01-1000
Filling volume 100-1000ml
Air consumption 120L/min
Filling speed 10-30bottles/min
Hopper capacity 45kg
Temperature 0-100degree
Air source 6kg
For more information about our PENGLAI pneumatic ointment filling machines,plz feel free to contact us online or directly browse our another site . Moreover we have succeeded in doing business with customers from many regions like Singapore ,Yemen,Algeria etc. Every time before we loaded the goods we will try the operation of ointment&liquid filling machine.confirming all is okay can we delivery the water treatment equipment. About how the operation of filling machines we have uploaded the related videos about trial operation of our various Comstics Machineries into youtube ,whose link is

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